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Quality Measures

Quality Measures to Maintain Standardization among all Campuses

Following measures are taken by the CPS team to maintain high standards of quality among all the campuses

  • Finalization of course outlines for all subjects (input is taken from instructors/advisors).
  • Suggested Text books (references may be added by the faculty but Text will be same).
  • Faculty hiring guidelines:
    • Principals must take prior approval from the Director-CPS before committing a course to any faculty member.  
    • An interview may be arranged if so desired by the director before final selection.
    • In case of visiting faculty, an individual must have relevant degree and industry experience to be eligible to teach in UCP programmes in order to uplift the programme image in the industry.
    • The campus should not be bound to have the same visiting faculty member every semester; rather it should be based on students’ feedback, conformity with the programme objectives & guidelines, punctuality, relevant industry experience and value adding personality. Preference should be given to the best possible choice available in the industry.
    • Preferably specialization courses must be allocated to professionals working in the industry in relevant managerial positions.
    • An instructor may be replaced during semester in unavoidable circumstances.
  • Mid-term exam question papers must be reviewed and approved by the CPS-Advising Team. Changes may be suggested by the adviser. CPS advising team consists of faculty members from various faculties of UCP and other leading universities.
  • A minimum of 20% comprehensive exam questions will be added in final examinations of each subject by CPS.
  • The center will be auditing a sample number of answer sheets of Final Term Paper after the grading is finalized in order to evaluate the grading scheme, grading standard, quality of answers provided by the students, fairness and consistency in grading.
  • Each faculty member is required to submit a course pack after the semester including a copy of each:
    • Quiz, three samples (Best, Average and Worst)
    • Assignments
    • Projects
    • Mid-term question paper along with three student papers (Best, Average and Worst)
    • Final-term Paper question paper along with three student papers (Best, Average and Worst)
    • Any handouts given to students to support the learning

The course pack will be a good tool to evaluate and improve the course contents before the start of the next semester.

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