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ADP-Export Marketing

Pakistan, a rapidly developing nation, has a diverse economy that include textiles, chemicals, food processing, agriculture, leather, and other industries. Government policies, reinforced by foreign investment and renewed access to global markets, have generated solid macroeconomic recovery since the last decade. Substantial macroeconomic reforms since 2000, most notably privatizing the banking sector has helped the economy. Recently the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) agreement has also promised huge potential for the industry and the local economy.

The import-export business is part of international trade. Businesses that import and export must plan, finance and arrange the transportation of goods while abiding by international regulations and fee structures.

The associate degree in export marketing will prepare the individuals for documenting shipments to ensure compliance with rules and regulations of customs, counseling clients on matters like tariffs, insurance, duties & taxes, and trade quotas. Other duties of the import-export specialist include preparing, arranging and tracking shipments; transportation, warehousing, and distribution of goods; and insurance on shipments; and consulting with customs agents to ease passage of shipments across borders.

If you focus on this area of business, you must study the global economy and cross-cultural communication. Those interested in the effect that imports and exports have on domestic and international economies usually pursue an associate degree which provides specialized training in importing and exporting field.

After you complete this Programme, you will know:

  • International trade laws, payment processes, risk analysis, and transportation methods
  • Customs documentation and governmental forms
  •  Restrictions and limitations imposed on importing and exporting goods
  • Identifying suppliers and outlets for your products
  • Pricing strategies for buying imported goods and marketing your exported products
  • Evaluating marketing conditions, practices and laws for other countries

Road Map

Sr No Course Title
1 Introduction to Economics
2 Introduction to Business
3 Functional English
4 Accounting I
5 Fundamentals of Computing and E – Commerce
6 Business Mathematics
   Course Title
7 Psychology
8 Pakistan & Islamic Studies
9 Introduction to Management
10 Fundamentals of Marketing
11 Accounting II
12 English Advanced Writing
   Course Title
13 Business Law
14 Business Finance
15 Specialization I
16 Specialization II
17 Communication Skills
   Course Title
18 Financial Management
19 Marketing Research
20 Specialization III
21 Specialization IV
22 Specialization V

Concession Policy

- Merit Scholarship for High Achievers
- Concession for Old Students
- Kinship Concession

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