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BS English:

Semester  I  
S-No Course Title
1 English (Functional English)
2 Introduction to Linguistics
3 Introduction to English Literature
4 Academic Reading and Writing
5 Introduction to Information Technology

Semester  II  
S-No Course Title
6 English (Advanced writing)
7 English Phonology and Phonetics
8 English(Communication Skills)
9 Introduction to Sociology
10 Pakistan Studies

Semester  III
S-No Course Title
11 Foreign Language (Chinese)
12 History of English Literature
13 Sociolinguistics
14 Introduction to Psychology
15 Islam and Arabic Studies

Semester  IV  
S-No Course Title
16 Short Story
17 Rhetoric & Public Speaking
18 Introduction to Anthropology
19 Introduction to Mass Communication
20 Introduction to Philosophy

Semester  V 
S-No Course Title
21 Literary Theory I
22 Introduction to Political Science
23 Contemporary Issues in Applied Linguistics
24 English Poetry(Beginning to 18th Century)
25 18th to 19th Century Novel

Semester  VI  
S-No Course Title
26 Psycholinguistics
27 Literary Theory II
28 Greek and Elizabethan Drama
29 Language, Culture and Society
30 Introduction to American Literature

Semester VII
Major I (English Literature)
S-No Course Title
31 Research  Methods in literature
32 Modern Drama
33 20th Century English Novel
34 Elective I
35 Elective II
Major II (English Linguistics)
Course Title
Reaserch Methods in Linguistics
Discourse Analysis
Introduction to Stylistics
Elective I
Elective II

Semester VIII
Major I (English Literature)
S-No Course Title
36 Reaserch Project/Paper or 2 courses
37 English Poetry in 19th &20th Century
38 Elective III
39 Elective IV
Major II (English Linguistics)
Course Title
Reaserch Project/Paper or 2 courses
Semantics and Pragmatics
Elective III
Elective IV

Concession Policy

- Merit Scholarship for High Achievers
- Concession for Old Students
- Kinship Concession

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