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Associate Degree Programmes
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Associate Degree Programme

What is Associate Degree?

An Associate Degree is a 2-year post intermediate qualification which is primarily offered in market driven subjects. This degree opens new vistas to a more promising career path. This flexible and fast-paced degree allows you to earn a valuable qualification in just 4-semesters. Whether you want to launch a new career or pursue an advanced degree down the road, Associate Degree is a great place to start.

Associate degree prepares students to work in a particular field upon graduation and is generally more hands-on than the traditional BA/BSc/BCOM bachelor's degree programs. Although students will be ready to join the workforce immediately upon graduation, Associate degree credits may also be transferred and applied toward bachelor's degree programs.

An associate degree focuses more towards professional competency in specialized area. Some of the distinct features are:

  • Equivalent to the conventional BA/BSc/BCOM
  • Semester system (4-semesters, 2-years)
  • 66 credit hours (22 subjects of 3-credit hours each)
  • Courses designed to develop student's communication, interpersonal, analytical, and specialized occupational skills
  • Dynamic approach in course designing through industry coordination
  • Flexible class timings


Concession Policy

- Merit Scholarship for High Achievers
- Concession for Old Students
- Kinship Concession

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