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Associate Degree in Accounting and Finance

The Associate Degree in Accounting and Finance is designed to highlight the key areas of accounting and financial management within a business context. Students will be encouraged to evaluate modern tools and techniques to improve their understanding of the financial management of business and the role of finance manager.

The program also helps students to understand the ways of solving problems at work and will provide a combination of strategic and tactical management skills from an accounting and finance perspective. At the completion of this program, students would be able to evaluate the accounting and financial approaches in a best way.

Course Structure

Associate Degree in Accounting and Finance

Semester I
S-No Course Title
1 Accounting I
2 Functional English
3 Fundamentals of Computing and E-Commerce
4 Business Mathematics
5 Introduction to Economics
6 Introduction to Business
Semester II
S-No Course Title
7 Pakistan and Islamic Studies
8 English Advanced Writing
9 Business Finance
10 Accounting II
11 Introduction to Management
12 Fundamentals of Marketing
Semester III
S-No  Course Title
13 Auditing Principles & Practices
14 Business Law
15 Fundamentals of Cost Accounting
16 Communication Skills
17 Financial Management
Semester IV
S-No  Course Title
18 Taxation Management
19 Financial Analysis
20 Investment Fundamentals
21 Development Economics
22 Advanced Cost & Management Accounting

Concession Policy

- Merit Scholarship for High Achievers
- Concession for Old Students
- Kinship Concession

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