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Associate Degree in Science

The University of Central Punjab (UCP) has taken an initiative to offer Associate Degree Program in various disciplines. According to HEC notification, the conventional 2-year BA/BSc program will be eliminated w.e.f academic session 2018. This two-year Associate Degree Program shall be replacing the conventional 2-year annual program. After successful completion of Associate Degree, its holder may:

  • Join the work stream in his/her specific field
  • Continue his/her studies for BS 4-year program in a specific discipline and will be eligible to join the 5th semester of the above mentioned stream at any public /private university (after fulfilling the requirements of host university).

In view of above scenario, the Associate Degree Program will not only prepare those who want to enter in the practical field but will also provide strong base for those who intend to pursue higher studies in various disciplines.

The faculty of science at UCP takes pride in having the best available instructors amongst the academic community. The aim to offer these programs is to produce graduates of international standard with specific skill set to become productive human capital for the society. We, at UCP are committed to provide an environment and infrastructure best suited for both faculty and students to utilize their fullest potential. As witnessed in the past, excellence and quality will continue to be our hallmark.

Course Structure

Associate Degree in Science

(Botany, Zoology & Chemistry)


S-No Course Title
1 Functional English
2 Introduction to Computer
3 Inorganic Chemistry
4 Principles of Animal Life
5 Diversity of Plants


S-No Course Title
6 Communication Skills
7 Pakistan and Islamic Studies/Ethics
8 Animal Form and Function
9 Mycology and Plant Pathology
10 Plant Physiology and Ecology
11 Physical Chemistry


S-No Course Title
12 Mathematics-I
13 Cell Biology, Genetics and Evolution
14 Animal Diversity – I (Invertebrates)
15 Biological Techniques
16 Organic Chemistry


S-No Course Title
17 Plant Systematics, Anatomy and Development
18 Applied Chemistry
19 Analytical Chemistry
20 Technical Writing & Presentation Skill
21 Animal Diversity – II (Chordates)
22 Project/ Internship


(Double Math & Physics)


S-No Course Title
1 Calculus-I
2 Functional English
3 Pakistan &Islamic Studies/Ethics
4 Mechanics
5 Lab I (Mechanics)
6 Statistics


S-No Course Title
7 Calculus-II
8 Electricity & Magnetism
9 Lab II (Electricity & Magnetism)
10 Linear Algebra
11 Modern Physics
12 Introduction to Computer


S-No Course Title
13 Waves & Oscillations
14 Lab III (Waves & Oscillations)
15 Ordinary Differential Equations I
16 Algebra (Group Theory)
17 Heat & Thermodynamics
18 Classical Mechanics
19 Communication Skills


S-No Course Title
20 Calculus-III
21 Optics
22 Lab IV (Optics)
23 Advance Group Theory
24 Ordinary Differential equations II
25 Basic English Writing Skills
26 Project

Concession Policy

- Merit Scholarship for High Achievers
- Concession for Old Students
- Kinship Concession

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