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Accounting & Finance
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BS Accounting and Finance

Accounting and Finance are the wider context in which any business operates and a business concern indulges for profit enhancement. It includes all aspects of an eco-system i.e. social, cultural, legal, political, etc. that might affect profit seeking activities directly or indirectly. Hence, the study of Accounting & Finance as a discipline endows an individual with a critical insight of not only the reasons behind making or dissolution of a commercial entity but also the economic fortunes of nation-states.
Though the history of Accounting and Finance is as ancient as humanity itself, with the advent of industrialization, fast and more efficient means of communication and globalization, Accounting and Finance have attained unprecedented importance and their study at degree level is highly in demand.

Once graduated, students will be equipped with adequate knowledge and the skills needed to achieve their desired career goals in the Accounting and Finance industry. Graduates will be enabled to compete in the corporate world with professional accounting certificate holders. The world of business is global, dynamic and fast-paced. This degree will help students to prosper and succeed in an ever-changing business environment and play their parts in developing the economy. The potential job market for the graduates will be:

  • Financial Institutions
  • Accounting Bodies
  • Economic Forums
  • Forex and Currency Markets
  • Finance departments of Organizations throughout the World

Semester I

Course Title
Introduction to Financial Accounting
English Basic Writing Skills
Introduction to Information Technology
Introduction to Business
Business Mathematics

Semester II

Course Title
Introduction to Financial Accounting II
English Advanced Writing
Islamic Studies/Ethics
Introduction to Management
Principles of Microeconomics
Business Statistics

Semester III

Course Title
Advanced Financial Accounting
Human Resource Management
English Classic and Contemporary Literature
Principles of Macroeconomics
Fundamentals of Marketing
Management Information System

Semester IV

Course Title
Auditing Principles & Practices
Managerial Economics
Business Finance
Elementary Mathematics
Fundamentals of Cost Accounting

Semester V

Course Title
Performance Management
Financial Management
Risk Management
Business Law
Business Communication

Semester VI

Course Title
Fundamentals of Business Research
Corporate and Commercial Law
Corporate Governance
Business Taxation
Corporate Financial Reporting

Semester VII

Course Title
Banking Law & Practice
Financial Markets and Institutions
Credit Analysis & Management
Portfolio Management

Semester VIII

Course Title
Advanced Performance Management
Financial Derivatives
Analysis of Financial Statement

Concession Policy

- Merit Scholarship for High Achievers
- Concession for Old Students
- Kinship Concession

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