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BBA (Honors)

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Masters of Business Administration (MBA 2 years)


The PGC MBA combines academic theory with real-life business case study analysis. It equips students with the awareness, knowledge, tools and techniques that are required for dealing with business challenges faced by organizations in Pakistan and abroad. The program offers a critical coverage of functional areas of business and management (Finance, marketing and human resource management) which are essential for effective management. This forms the basis upon which advanced courses on leadership, business policy and strategy are introduced that prepare our graduates for strategic analysis of key concerns that are pertinent to business today. Understanding and leading business in terms of inclusion, environmental, cultural, social and economic sustainability is central to PGC MBA. These concerns and perspectives are explored both in global and our national context with explicit intent to provide the state-of-the-art, relevant business education to our students to cater to the emerging needs of developing economy of Pakistan.

MBA at PGC is a unique program that provides the comprehensive knowledge of business and management principles. MBA program at PGC not only allows the students to develop their pragmatic skills but also enables them to polish their managerial expertise. Our MBA is a 2 year postgraduate program, in which students can specialize in more than one field.

We follow the philosophy of “Market Orientation” by offering courses according to the contemporary needs of the market. PGC promotes professional development and career advancement. Furthermore, Our MBA program is focused on the development of entrepreneurial skills among the students rather than becoming a part of unemployment force. In order to promote the entrepreneurial activities and to bring new innovative ideas in the market, students have to go through business plan competitions and business feasibility reports during their courses.
At PGC, we firmly believe in quality assurance and, in academia, quality cannot be assured without inducting top quality faculty. So, at PGC we have highly qualified and experienced faculty members. Excellent teaching skills, active class participation and case studies develop the stupendous understanding of the relevant subject. Industrial tours are also made to give the practical view of the market. We also invite guest speakers so that they can share their practical experiences and knowledge with the students.

So, if anyone really wants to become a manager, to take over the family business, interested in doing marketing or even wants to starts his/her own business and to become youngest entrepreneur , MBA at PGC is the right choice for you people.


We offer two Specializations to our students:

  • MBA With Major in Marketing
  • MBA With Major in Finance

Above mentioned specializations allow students to learn and apply the practical skills in their working lives.

Eligibility and Admission Criteria:

Those who have completed M.Com/B.Com(Hons)/BBA(Hons) with minimum CGPA 2.5 are eligible to apply for admission. However, admission will be granted on the basis of merit, determined on the basis of admission test and academic record.

Requirements of the degree:

The degree is awarded after completion of 36 credit hours with minimum CGPA of 2.5. The degree requirements are normally completed in 2 year spreading over 4 semesters.

MBA (2 years) Roadmap

Course Title Course Title
Business Research Methods Corporate Finance
Applied Economics for Managers Corporate Governance
Strategic Marketing Strategic Management
Course Title Course Title
Specialization - I Specialization- IV
Specialization - II Research Project
Specialization -III  

Concession Policy

- Merit Scholarship for High Achievers
- Concession for Old Students
- Kinship Concession

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