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BS Commerce

Economic activities Shape a county Future. Business, commerce and industries are important branches of economic activities. Commerce is at the moment a promising Subject as a whole. In the present day world, almost every human activity is related with economy, whether in the shape of trade and industry or commerce and banking. Any concern which has transaction of money, a commerce graduate has his footing there. The past three decades have witnessed a tremendous economic growth in the Southeast Asian countries. With the emergence of china as a new economic giant in the world, the effects in this region are forecasted to be unlimited. Due to this regional activity, and its effects on Pakistan, one can safely say that commerce graduates have much better prospects in Pakistan than ever before.
Commerce is a subject that has great importance in the modern world. It's only give knowledge about trade and business but also deals with rapidly changing facades of regional economy. The study of commerce is based on practical issues which gives knowledge about management, operations, geopolitical conditions, and modern trade practices.

The globalization and technological trend have made challenging for organizations to survive in the competitive world. Today's dynamic world with trade and commerce assuming innovative dimensions in the context of growing international business, the curricula for commerce should be adapted and re-structured to meet the future challenges of the economic, manufacturing and service sectors. University of central Punjab has once again taken the initiative by launching a whole new commerce program. The new program has been structured with improved curriculum and current topics. The course has been designed to meet the emerging and specific challenges faced by domestic businesses. The program will equip the students with the changing economic and geopolitical dimensions in the region.


Semester I

Course Title
Functional English
Principles Of Commerce
Introduction to Financial Accounting-I
Business Mathemethics
Fundamentals of Computing and E-commerce
Introduction to Economics

Semester II

Course Title
Business Finance
Fundamentals of Marketing
Introduction to Financial Accounting-II
Economics of Pakistan
English Advanced Writing
Pakistan and Islamic Studies

Semester III

Course Title
Communication skills
Fundamentals of cost Accounting
Business Law
Auditing Principles and Practices
Introduction to Management

Semester IV

Course Title
Economic Perspectives of CPEC
Business Taxation
Financial Management
(Elective I)
(Elective II)

Semester V

Course Title
Statistics for Business
Islamic Banking and Finance
Money, Banking and Commerce
Trade Theory and Practices
(Elective III)

Semester VI

Course Title
Human Resource Management
Chinese/ German/ French
Geographic Perspectives of CPEC
Advanced Taxation
(Elective IV)

Semester VII

Course Title
Organizational Behavior
Operations Management
Advanced Financial Accounting-I
(Elective V)
(Elective VI)

Semester VIII

Course Title
Banking Laws and Practices
International Trade
Advanced Financial Accounting-II
(Elective VII)
(Elective VIII)

Concession Policy

- Merit Scholarship for High Achievers
- Concession for Old Students
- Kinship Concession

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